Open Systems

These days, when building owners, facility managers or consultants want to specify a new Building Management System (BMS), they invariably say they want an “open system”. This comes from a fear of becoming locked into a single service provider with the perceived risk (although not always the reality) that this may result in high service prices and poor service levels.


As a Honeywell Elite Authorized Controls Integrator Chesapeake Controls, Inc. has full factory support and access to HVAC building control solutions, including Niagara Framework solutions, BACnet and Lonworks controllers, VFD′s and commercial components. Our strong factory partnerships have helped us become the leading independent provider of Building Automation Systems in Virginia.

Building Automation

As a facility manager, facility owner, developer, broker or general contractor, you understand how vital tenant satisfaction can be to the success of a facility. Climate management plays an important role in tenant satisfaction — the ability to easily control heating, cooling and other elements not only saves your tenants time and keeps them comfortable, but minimizes energy and operational costs as well.


About Chesapeake Controls

Since 1985, Chesapeake Controls, Inc. has been committed to improving performance and lowering operating costs in commercial buildings throughout the Mid-Atlantic and beyond. As the largest independent provider of Honeywell Building Automation Systems in Virginia, we have full in-house capabilities to provide mechanical service and control solutions for any building, no matter the size or market. Providing professional HVAC services, integrated Building Automation Systems and energy related solutions, we optimize building comfort, lower energy usage and proactively reduce equipment downtime.